I like big b***s and I cannot lie…

There we were. Seven grown ups, ten youth and me. On a plane returning from Honduras, not quite a year ago. Next to me was a great kid who reminds me a lot of me thirty years ago. As the previews repeated on the tiny screens in front of us, Die Hard kept coming up. I said, “I like big booms and I cannot lie.”

My daughter, across the aisle, looked over and said, “Daddy!”

The youth minister gave me a look that… well let’s just say I’m glad looks don’t really kill.

That day, I learned the importance of proper enunciation. It’s a lesson I will never forget. And I will continue to laugh heartily every time I think of it.


I’m back

I’m back. Again. I’ve committed to keeping up this blog, and I’ve committed to reading His Word daily.

For centuries, people have told of finding wisdom in ancient words. Even with modern marvels of technology, such as the iPod on which I compose this blog, millions turn to ancient words for wisdom and comfort.

There once was a time when God spoke directly, “without riddles”, to Moses. Later He spoke through the prophets in visions and dreams.  Eventually the Christ came to us to speak to us, once again, quite plainly.  Today He reveals Himself through the Holy Spirit.  The prophets turned to the books of Moses for guidance.  The rabbis of Christ’s time turned to the prophets and Moses.  And, today, we turn to Moses, the prophets and the words of Christ.

What value is there in reading words over four thousand years old?

God’s nature is unchanging (Malachi 3:6, Hebrews 6:17, James 1:17).  What was true about God four thousand years ago is true today.  Solomon, in the book of Ecclesiastes, repeatedly states that there is nothing new under the sun.  Of course, he is not talking about the race of technology.  In spiritual matters, there is nothing new under the sun.

The Holy Bible is a gift of wisdom from the ancients.  Millions have died to make sure these words never die.  Our ancient foe, the devil, desires only to keep these words of salvation out of our hands.  Yet we are able to find them everywhere we turn.

You need not spend a penny to read.  Check out The Bible Gateway.  It is an online bible with many versions available.  Begin with the Gospel of John.  God’s promise is outlined quite nicely in chapter 3. To find more about salvation, read Romans.  I recommend The Message version for easy reading.  Let me know what you think.

Comment here or e-mail me at claysramblings@gmail.com.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Don’tcha love homeowner’s associations?

Houston has been suffering it’s hottest and driest summer in recorded history.  With 2 inches of rain since February 1, my lawn is looking pathetic.  The City of Houston has imposed lawn-watering restrictions.  I don’t reside within the city, but I’ve been doing my part – even draining the condensation from my portable A/C into the Pur water filter to drink.  Needless to say, watering my lawn just doesn’t rank up there in the top of my priority list.

So my homeowner’s association, with their infinite wisdom, wrote me a letter to complain about the condition of my lawn.  Looking at my neighbors, it’s likely they wrote letters to 90% of my neighborhood.  They told me that I need to water my lawn.


In the middle of a drought, they want me to water my lawn.

Let’s hear it for the brains of the operation.  Since the letter of the law – the DEED RESTRICTIONS – do not exempt droughts, I am compelled to comply.  Regardless of the fact that watering my lawn may deprive firefighters of water – regardless of the fact that watering my lawn may reduce the levels of our water table – regardless of the fact that watering my lawn may actually cause someone to become dehydrated…  I must abide by the rules.

We have done a very good job of keeping our lawn mowed and our flowerbed weed free.  We have done a very good job of keeping our place maintained during this recession to avoid being those people.  But the house around the corner – which has been foreclosed and unmaintained for the last two years – looks like something out of a horror movie.  My neighbor and I are contemplating opening it as a haunted house in October and charging admission.  We won’t have to do much, it’s already falling apart!

And they want to write me up for not watering my lawn during water restrictions.

What the heck ever happened to common sense?  When did we become so blinded by rules that we refused to listen to our brains?  Why did the family that signed the original deed restrictions circulate an unsuccessful petition to have our neighborhood removed from them?  Because the Homeowner’s Associations are incapable of thinking.

People, let’s use our common sense.  Refuse to buy houses that have deed restrictions.  Force the street gestapo out of business.  Let us get back to the business of living.  Don’t we have to bow to politicians and our bosses enough?  Our homes should be our sanctuary.


Not a lot to say today, either.  But I’m not just bloggin’ for the sake of bloggin’.  No, there is one thing on my mind.


Six years ago, the world faced a tragedy that made us all sit up and take notice.  An earthquake, magnitude 9.3, struck Indonesia and unleashed a torrent we call a tsunami.  The world watched in awe and wonder as televisions showed waves destroying homes, cities and lives around the Indian Ocean.  A friend in South Africa sent pictures of the river hear his house flowing upstream.

Today, a similar incident occurred in Japan.  A magnitude 8.9 struck, releasing a tsunami that is still affecting the eastern Pacific coastline at the time of this writing.

But there is a difference.  The quake and subsequent tsunami in 2004 devestated hundreds of thousands of lives.  Today’s affected far fewer.  Japan prepared for this event.  Drawing on the experience of the last few centuries, engineers designed buildings to withstand the most catastrophic shaking.  Pipelines and nuclear plants can survive, even when the ground moves like water.  The people of Japan have trained relentlessly to survive “the Big One”.

Today, my hat is off to the people of Japan.  To the people who have chosen not to let things happen; to the people who fix what is wrong; to the survivors – I say “Thank you.”  Our world can learn a great deal from you.

Plus you make really good cars.

That was a short post.

Where’s my Muse?

I don’t really want to write today
Chest cold, tired and nothing to say
No, I just don’t want to write today
And you’ll get over it…

Apologies to Wham.  Nah – I never liked them anyway.  But when I said, “I don’t want to write today,” for some reason that tune popped into my head.


So, enjoy this non-post.

That’s a Big Cup!

Random thoughts for a Friday.

At work, I have a “Thirst Universe” water jug.  With a straw.  It holds 64oz of H2O.  I drink two of these every day on doctor’s orders.  And it gets people talking whenever they see me fill it.  “That’s a big cup,” they say.  And it is.  It’s big enough that when I have it in the car it won’t tip over.

I also have a coffee cup with the Periodic Table on it.  Geeks love it.  And I’ve used it for reference a number of times.  “Is carbon a metalloid?”  “Is tin lighter than gold?”

My friend told me a good cajun joke.  I told my boss.  Then she told me her maiden name was Thibodeaux.  She had mercy.  I’m still employed.

Nothing says “Good times” like old Van Halen with Diamond Dave at the helm.

Is George Soros ready to take over the world?

Why am I still here?  I should be at home.  In bed.  With a huge shot of NyQuil…  “The Q is talkin’ to me!”

Inspired by Lennon

And so this is Christmas.
And what have you done?

Well, that was the inspiration right there. This is Christmas. What have I done?

Is the world a better place because of me? Well, I’ll leave that up to God. After all, only He knows for sure. Most of the time I say it’s not. Then someone comes up to me and says I’m totally wrong…

Another year older and a new one just begun

I hit the big four-five this year. Halfway to 90. My age is now over most in-town speed limits. And I’m somehow feeling younger. Less to worry about and more to do with my family. More time to spend with friends.

And so this is Christmas!  I hope you have fun!  The near and the dear ones, the old and the young!

Well, I just can’t top that.

Merry Christmas to all my friends and family.  Especially to the two people who comment on this blog. 🙂