What happened?

Wednesday morning, my wife called to tell me that our daughter’s friend attempted suicide. “…and she may have been successful.” 

My daughters are friends with both of those girls. They hang out, they sleep over, they text each other. The older girl found the younger with a dog leash wrapped around her throat. 

I’m not sure what happened. I’m not sure what led up to it. All I know for certain is that my youngest child can’t understand. And my oldest is angry. 

Do I believe suicide is unforgivable? No I do not. That call is up to our almighty Heavenly Father. And he decides who is saved, and who is not. 

So, for the person who goes, there’s no problem. Have a nice eternity!

But there are so many people left behind that were touched by your life. In positive ways, no less. And you may never know that. These people love you. You may not know that either, and I am sorry about that. 

And their lives are turned upside down. 

I can’t begin to imagine what her parents are going through. Nor her sister. 

But I see my my teenage daughters cry. And I don’t know how to comfort them. And that hurts me. 
Our society wants to focus on negative things. Our music, our movies, and our everyday talk. 

I had a bad day at work. 

My day was worse!

It’s like we compete for the worst life. And as we focus on how bad our lives are, we lose track of all the blessings. We lose track of the wins. We lose track of the love. 

And we don’t want to lose anymore. 

I know. I’ve been there. And I don’t want to go back. 

But we only want to focus on our own negativity. We don’t want to hear or talk about someone else’s problems. And that’s where we are failing each other. And that’s why so many people think nobody cares. 

And someone chooses to end it all. 

And so many more suffer.

And still, nobody wants to talk about it. 

So it never gets addressed. 

It never really gets addressed. 

I’m done being silent. This has gone on long enough. Yeah, I’m ashamed that it took hitting this close to home before speaking up. That makes it all the more important. 

Please, don’t let another innocent young person take their life. 


One Response to What happened?

  1. Larry says:

    Sorry good bro.

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