The World is Exploding 

And we get to watch!

Anyone who comments without reading the whole post … Well, you’ll show your ignorance. 

Ok enough drama, right?  “Save da drama fo yo mama!”  But, seriously. There is a lot amiss.  This is not a sermon for unbelievers.

Nearly 14 years ago, I pledged my life to Christ. There were some immediate changes, but growing up in the U.S.South, with very conservative parents, I had some core beliefs:

  1. If you live in this country, you damn well better be ready to work. 
  2. If you pose any threat to my family, you must die. 
  3. The Russians are the bad guys. 
  4. So are the Liberals. 
  5. So are Atheists
  6. And the French
  7. And Muslims
  8. And Catholics
  9. And gays…
  10. And bigots…
  11. And drugs…
  12. And illegal immigrants…

Let’s face it. Archie Bunker made a whole lot of sense to me. Then, at the age of 21, I dropped out of college and joined the Navy. My charge in life: to destroy the Russian horde as The Gipper commanded. But I also learned how to drink like a sailor. 

Then a Navy Chaplain told me that Jesus didn’t want people like me. I found myself, a professing conservative “Christian”, living in the dark side. A place that I wouldn’t want my body to be found. It was an eye-opening experience. The atheists and gays aren’t that bad. I don’t want to be one, but since Jesus doesn’t want me, I can hang out with them. 

I eventually got back to college and graduated with a degree in computer science. First I moved to the Texas border area where I was the minority because I spoke English. I encountered illegal aliens every day. I learned to speak their language and I ate their food. These people aren’t so bad. They’re just trying to support their families. 

My next stop was Austin, a very liberal spot in Texas. Why, oh why do the liberals take over the most beautiful places? The West Coast, The Texas Hill Country… But they weren’t so bad. Yeah, we disagreed on a lot of points, but for the most part, they actually made sense. I came away with the conclusion that every hardcore  conservative needs a liberal or two to help them see the other side. (And the liberals out there could use a conservative or two to keep the country’s economy on track!)

But Houston was the most eye-opening experience. In Houston, I found a cross-section of the whole world. All of the remaining bad people were here. I worked with Muslims every day. I ride the vanpool with Russians who escaped the collapse of the Soviet Union as fast as they could. There are Catholics in our homeschool group. 

It was in Houston that I found I needed to have The Lord Jesus Christ in my life. 14 years ago. I asked Him to take away everything that stood between us. But there is still a lot of hate in my heart. 

And there are people who cannot work. And there are thousands of homeless. And many of my friends are out of work because of the price of oil. And I was in that situation. 

And who bailed me out? My church. They helped me – not with handouts, but with the expectation that I would get back on my own two feet soon. That one day I would be able to do for others what was done for me. 

Life hasn’t been easy. And there is a lot of hateful rhetoric on the news and in thenSocial Media feeds. I signed off Facebook 7 years ago because of the political rhetoric. (But I also changed my avatar to a Hammer and Sickle in honor of our government. See I’m not perfect!)

Then they established sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants. And they legalized gay marriage. And they legalized marijuana. And they began the Sovietization of our healthcare system. And they outlawed the Confederate Battle Flag. And we went to war against a Muslim army without a country. And another one. 

And still, Jesus works on my heart. 

  • Homosexuality and drug use is a sin, just like my drunkenness which I was born with a penchant for. I needed to learn how to deal with my addictions so I could help others deal with theirs. 
  • Many of my friends were without healthcare before the Affordable Care Act.  Self-employed, but not rich, they needed an option that did not exist. 
  • To my friends with darker skin, the Confederate Battle Flag is the equivalent of a swastika – a religious symbol appropriated and ruined by a hate monger. 
  • My Muslim friends wept with me after 9/11 and the recent attacks in Paris. (Though the French refused to help us after 9/11, we will stand with them in this time of mourning.)
  • Refugees, though a few bad eggs may be in the group, still need a chance to recover from the horror they have been through. 

Am I a liberal? I don’t think so. I still think the Soviets had it wrong. I still think we need to protect our borders from potential enemy combatants sneaking in. I still think hard work is the way to peace. And I still think we need to fight to protect our families. 

But all of this needs to be filtered through the love of our Lord and Savior.  And that is what many of my Christian friends cannot see. 


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