Repeat the 60s. 50 years later

and the 60s were a repeat of the early 1900s. And the early 1900s were a repeat of the mid 19th century. 

Seems like nobody is happy unless they are pissed off. And America is getting really angry right about now. Race relations are back in the toilet. Big corporations are eating up the little ones and *** dumping on their customers. Customers are not happy with the service they are provided but feel powerless to do anything about it. The President acts on his own, with Executive Orders rather than legislation (both parties, by the way). The polarization keeps increasing and the only thing left is the pop. And it won’t be pretty. 

All of the world’s major religions teach peace between brothers and outsiders. Judaism, and by extension Christianity, teaches that we are to (and I’m paraphrasing here) love God with every fiber of our being. Also love those around us and around the world. 

Black, white, Christian, Muslim, Republican. Democrat, American, not American, North, South… There is only division out there. Everyone has a message to share. And since the message is basically the same, “I have value and so do you!”, nobody wants to listen to the next guy’s message. 

So the message escalates. Now they drop the last piece of the message. “I have value!” And that’s all that matters. It’s why drivers in Houston block all traffic because they missed a turn, rather than going two blocks further and turning around. It’s why a teenager with absent parents turns to a street gang. It’s why politicians crucify each other in the media. We have lost track of the second half of the message. 

I pledge to go one step further – to turn the message around. “You have value, and so do I!”

You have value and so do I!

By putting you first, I remember the second half of the message. I’m not going to forget about me, but if the mantra puts you first, I won’t forget about you, either. 

Corporate America, politicians, managers, freeway drivers, assembly line workers, little children… Take the pledge. Turn the message around. “You have value!”  And so do I. 


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