“Here it is ag…

“Here it is again, the Great Reversal: many of the first ending up last, and the last first.”
Matthew 20:16, The Message

For over forty some-odd years, I tried to be first.  Since nothing was ever working out and I was constantly bringing up the rear, I honestly thought that I was doing what Jesus asked.  Truth was, however, that I put myself before anything else in my life.  I was more important than my friends, than my kids, than my wife, than God.  I pretended to sacrifice greatly but only to better my own position.  When things didn’t go well, I would blame God, my wife, my boss, the economy…  It was never my own fault.

That began to change a few years ago when God saw fit to give me a second chance.  He began to steer me in a direction that I never thought possible.  Nor did I ever think I would enjoy this path.  See, i’m going into marketing.  My path here came from cynicism toward computers after many experiences including major dissatisfaction with the largest operating system/software publisher.  But there was also the payroll program I wrote for a garbage company that taught me a degree isn’t necessarily the path to great money.  Garbage truck drivers make a heckuva lot more than I do with a BS and over 20 years experience.

So after writing that payroll program, I began to pursue other avenues.  Since I was having trouble landing computer jobs, I wound up selling cars.  Then I went after jewelry because it paid more.  Then I wound up back in computers – sorta.  My job there was to sell in-house people on using a particular software.  Still sales, but better.

That job went away in 2010 and I found myself taking a contract job on a roll-out.  The lowest of the low for computer folk, particularly with over 20 years of experience.  But that contract led to a longer-term contract with the helpdesk.  And I helped a senior manager from Norway with a problem, so he had me moved to his team in Houston, supporting a particular oilfield software system.  In all honesty, this was a good place for an IT guy to land.

But it got better.  The Customer Service Manager went on maternity leave and they needed someone to cover for her.  They picked me.  I finally got to meet the senior manager to whom I owed the rest of my career and thanked him profusely.  As time went on, I became a jack-of-all-trades for this oilfield software system.  I noticed a gap in awareness within the company – our own people were selling the competition’s service because they didn’t know about ours!

As I began to dig and raise awareness, I gained the attention of the marketing team.  They continue to move me away from support and are giving me a chance to be “pre-sales”.  My job is to make customers drool and internal sales aware.

I had no idea that God had given me this talent.  But it’s working.  And I found it when I stopped putting myself first – when I stopped chasing after the top-dollar job.  I found it when I went back to the bottom.

Thank you Lord, for guiding me as You have.  I don’t know what I’ve done to merit your favor – but I’m glad I did.  Please keep helping me to succeed both financially and spiritually.  Help me to bless others through the blessings you’ve given me.  Amen!


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