True Friends

This evening was a blessed event.  I mean – you just don’t know when you will feel blessed.  Let me ‘splain.

I was sitting on my lazy butt watching TV.  I heard a lawn mower going and thought to myself, “Self, you need to mow your lawn, too!”  It was about 7:30 pm.  So, I went out and began to mow my lawn.  My neighbor across the street was sweating hard and pushing his mower.  My neighbor two doors down joined us in spewing carbon monoxide and cutting blades of green.

Across the street finished first and borrowed another neighbor’s weed whacker.  I finished second and began to trim using my ancient edger My Ancient Whacker of Weeds I guess he felt sorry for me, and came over to help. My other neighbor saw him and told me, “That’s a good neighbor.”  Then he disappeared.  I was sweeping, and he showed up with his blower – and wouldn’t let me operate it.

Between the three of us, we finished all three lawns.  It was a wonderful, blessed event.  The three of us – all of different faiths, and occasionally irritated at each other – found the deepest meaning of friendship.

These experiences are few and far between.  What was your experience?


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