A Day Alone

I love my family, perhaps too much. A couple of weeks ago, I spent a few days in Tulsa, OK. It’s been called the “Paris of Oklahoma“. The other guys were out having fun – frisbee golf, checking out various sites. Me, I wanted to sit in the hotel room and call my wife and kids.

Why is it that I am so utterly devoted to them that I cannot enjoy anything if they are not around? Why is it that nothing I need to do (mow the lawn, work on Rosetta Stone, clean the kitchen…) – the things that should both consume my time and emotions – are so difficult?

Today, my wife is taking my oldest daughter to camp. It is 5 1/2 hours away. That means they will be gone for at least 12 hours. I volunteered to stay at home and care for the dogs. This length of time would be torture on their bladders and empty stomachs. I am depressed. Disappointed that they are travelling without me. Disappointed that I cannot be with them.

God has promised that He will be with us at all times (Matthew 28:20). Is my faith at such an ebb that I feel complete only with my wife and children?

I have promised to mow the lawn and clean the kitchen today. Because I do not want to disappoint my wife, I will complete those tasks. In the meantime, I will likely will watch Star Trek – alternating between Next Generation and Voyager. I love DVDs!


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