My “Dream Job”

I’ve been working on computers since 1979. OK, so some of that time, I’ve been playing. But I’ve spent many hours trying to make programs and scripts run, trying to make networks talk (we’re talking 10BASE2, people!), trying to figure out why DOOM won’t run on my 486SX… yeah – even the play was work.

I’m tired of computers.

So, when the opportunity arose to merge my love for people with my tech experience, I had to bite. It meant nearly a year of proving myself, but now I’m in a position where most of my time is spent dealing with people, not machines. There are days when I spend only an hour on my computer. The rest of the day I’m talking to clients, giving tours of our facility and basically schmoozing the people who decide to spend money on us.

Most importantly, this is a bridge to get out of the technical side of things. I’m at a point where I can oversee the techies. I don’t have to spend my time worried about the details – there are techies that do that.

God has blessed me. He has put me where I needed to be so that people will see me. A rollout (that I didn’t want to accept) led to a job on the helpdesk. One of the folks that called the helpdesk told his boss that they needed me. When I interviewed for that job, I told him where I wanted to be. And I’m here. Praise God for His providence!


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