What’s the point of a warranty?

Two years ago, I had to install an entirely new air conditioning system in my house.  Everything except one wire was replaced.  It cost as much as a small car.  It came with a ten year warranty, which, I found out today, is relatively worthless.

Is your product worth my money?

America today does not stand behind their products.  That’s part of America’s problem.  We have no concept of quality.  That’s why Honda and Toyota and Kia are doing so much better than Ford and Chrysler and GMC.  They stand behind their products.  Their products are worth my money.  If something goes wrong with their product, they will take care of every bit of it during the warranty period.  American companies fail to do that – then wonder why everybody wants to buy foreign goods.

Aspen Manufacturing made the coil that was installed two years ago.  It comes with a ten year warranty, that is hardly worth the paper on which it was printed.  Why should I have to pay for labor and refrigerant because your unit failed?  It’s not my fault that it failed.  It’s yours.  Plain and simple.

Once upon a time in America, companies believed in what they sold.  Once upon a time in America, people had integrity.  Today, it’s quite different.  Few people, if any, stand behind the products they sell.  If the product fails, they’ll eat the cost of the part but nothing else.  The labor to install the part may cost more than the part itself – and you’re still out the big bucks.

This is the latest in a long series of disappointments in customer service.

  • Wal-Mart sold me software but failed (several times) to properly scan the activation code.  They would not refund the software because it has been opened.
  • Capital One offered points with which we purchased a home telephone.  They have not arrived more than one month after purchase.  And Capital One has no idea why.  We may never get the phones, but we’ve lost the points.
I could go on, but it would turn into a litany of whining.  Customer service is dead in America.  Something definitely needs to change or we better learn to speak Chinese.

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