Two and a half months…

I’d been doing pretty good.  I just looked back and read some of my latest entries just to get a feel for where I’d been.  And it was interesting.  One of my latest posts caught my eye.  It is, in part, the reason why I hadn’t posted very much in the last two and a half months.  I promise I won’t go into detail here.  But I will shed a little light on the subject.

Until yesterday, I worked at a computer helpdesk for a major world-wide company.  Their job is maintaining the oil wells all over the world.  My brother works for a competitor, as a roughneck.  He’s not into computers, but I’m keen on technology.  He has told me about the neat computers on their trucks.  I’ve always wanted to work on non-traditional computers – like X-Ray machines or the ones that diagnose car problems or the ones in these trucks.

So one day, I helped a manager with a network problem.  He was in the group that works on these trucks for our company.  He suggested I apply for the job listed in The Voice of Truth post.  I applied and the interview did not go well.  I mean, this guy wanted me to apply for an Entry-Level position!  And I’ve been working on computers for over 30 years!  Of all the noive!

My wife and I discussed what needed to be done to kickstart my career.  I suggested going overseas, but she was very opposed to that.  I returned to work fairly depressed and feeling like I was going to be stuck for the rest of my life.  Another helpdesk call was a guy who – out of the clear blue sky – started talking about how sometimes he had to put his career first so his family could advance.  Then one of the guys I work with told me about jobs in Afghanistan.  That’s about the time I quit blogging.

Again I discussed it with my wife.  She was much more open about working in Afghanistan, so I applied for the job and was accepted – so long as I get a Network+ certification.  I did.  We agreed to keep silent about this prospect until it came through.  I decided it was best that I stop blogging through this process, just to make sure I don’t spill the beans by accident.  In the end, I was medically disqualified.  I disagree with the doctor’s findings, but there’s no way to undo it.  The final word came in about three weeks ago.  After missing countless hours of paid work for doctor’s visits and preparation, I was now not going to get the job.  Nor was I going to be re-imbursed for my certification.

There was a crisis of faith as I felt God led us to that oasis in the desert only to find it was a mirage.  Through much of this, my wife was my bastion of faith.  She kept me focused on God and His blessings as I asked “Where is He?”  Times that I could not feel His presence or hand in my life, these were the times that she was strongest.  We watched our dreams vaporize, once again, by e-mail.  Yet he was working in ways we could not see or feel.

A week later, the manager from the bad interview called me back.  “We need to talk.”  So I went to talk with him.  I start working there on Monday.  Two and a half months ago, I was very unhappy with what he had to tell me.  Working entry-level offended me.  Today, I’ve learned to be a bit more humble and accept small blessings – like permanent employment rather than contract – when they appear.

To sum this all up, God is working hard behind the scenes.  He may be working in ways we don’t – or may never – understand.  When it’s all said and done, though, “we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28, NIV)


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