Idiot Ideologies

I don’t like political parties.  When asked, I say I’m a member of the beer party.  But my political leanings cross boundaries too much for me to be labeled a big fat elephant or a stubborn jackass.  Of course, many who know me well would say I fit into both of those categories, but not that they relate to politics…

Anyway, I find that I am what can only be defined as a

Compassionate Christian Conservative.

I am compassionate – I believe in helping those who need help.  This help may be a hug, food, cash (if I have it), a kind word or just a listening ear.  The compassion I feel toward others drives me to reach out in the name of Christ.

I am a Christian – I celebrate Christ risen from the dead.  I strive to follow His teachings and commands.  Love the Lord your God with all you are.  Love your neighbor as yourself.  By doing this, I can reflect a tiny bit of His glory here on earth.  I hesitate to write this, because I do not celebrate it for my sake.  I celebrate it for His sake.  He has guided me to be the man I am.  I have done nothing.

I am a conservative – I have been through hard times.  I believe that only by being a good steward of the gifts that God has given me can I do His work.  Being a good steward means I do not give away everything just because somebody asks for it.  Rather, being a good steward means I plant seeds that may grow.  This includes teaching skills to those around me so they can earn their own money.  It also includes investing what God has given me so it will grow.  One day, I will be able to bless twice as much as I do today through wise investing.

When I discuss my passion for Christ, there are those who question me because I don’t believe in giving food to everybody who asks.  Rather, I believe I need to help people help themselves.   Through assisting in this manner, others will be able to give rather than just receive.

I am not 100% right.  Neither am I 100% wrong.  The Body of Christ has room for – and a great need for – those who believe as I do and those who are outrageously “fiscally liberal”.  Like all of the different members, we need to learn to just get along.


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