Not a lot to say today, either.  But I’m not just bloggin’ for the sake of bloggin’.  No, there is one thing on my mind.


Six years ago, the world faced a tragedy that made us all sit up and take notice.  An earthquake, magnitude 9.3, struck Indonesia and unleashed a torrent we call a tsunami.  The world watched in awe and wonder as televisions showed waves destroying homes, cities and lives around the Indian Ocean.  A friend in South Africa sent pictures of the river hear his house flowing upstream.

Today, a similar incident occurred in Japan.  A magnitude 8.9 struck, releasing a tsunami that is still affecting the eastern Pacific coastline at the time of this writing.

But there is a difference.  The quake and subsequent tsunami in 2004 devestated hundreds of thousands of lives.  Today’s affected far fewer.  Japan prepared for this event.  Drawing on the experience of the last few centuries, engineers designed buildings to withstand the most catastrophic shaking.  Pipelines and nuclear plants can survive, even when the ground moves like water.  The people of Japan have trained relentlessly to survive “the Big One”.

Today, my hat is off to the people of Japan.  To the people who have chosen not to let things happen; to the people who fix what is wrong; to the survivors – I say “Thank you.”  Our world can learn a great deal from you.

Plus you make really good cars.

That was a short post.


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