The Voice of Truth

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a hiring manager.  He said some things that were true, but not uplifting.  “You have a bachelor of science and you’ve only done these little jobs since graduating?”

I desperately tried to put it into perspective.  After all, for five years my kids called me “Homeschool Educator” as well as “Dad”.  During those years, I let my career slide while I lifted my family.  When I returned to the workforce, jobs were in short supply and I took what I could find until I landed in a great job with a great company.  That lasted until oil rigs started exploding in the Gulf last spring.

Now I’m contracted to a great company but still seeking long-term “direct” employment.  And the manager says, “you have a bachelor of science and you have only done these little jobs?”


The more I thought about it, the angrier I got.  At him for not seeing my potential.  At life for putting me into the situation I am.  At myself for focusing on my family rather than my career.  By the time the kids went to bed, I was starting to see the “old daddy” – the one who would rather brood in his depression than kiss his own kids.  Forgetting that the old daddy had been crucified and the new daddy resurrected, I went to bed early wallowing in self-pity.

This morning I felt better, but still not 100%.  The morning was grey and rainy, I was leaving early to accommodate the weather and the radio station was not lively.

Then I heard it.  It’s a song by Casting Crowns.

The Voice of Truth

tells me a different story
The Voice of Truth
says do not be afraid
The Voice of Truth
says this is for My Glory
and with all the voices calling out to me
I will choose to listen and believe

The Voice of Truth

Ya know – I really needed to hear that this morning.  The Voice of Truth spoke to me, telling me that the decisions I had made were proper.  Loving my family is far more important than seeking my fortune.  Discovering who I am in Christ is even more important than my family.

I have not wasted my life by not devoting it to punching some clock.  And God showed me that.  In the midst of my turmoil because of our financial situation, God showed me that He is still providing for us.  While we scrimp and save because there’s too much month at the end of the money, He still comes through.

My employer does not sign a paycheck, but He makes sure there is food on the table and wheels in the driveway.  He does not write an annual review, but is always gently nudging me in the right direction.

Last night, I allowed the father of lies to convince me of my mistakes.  But the Voice of Truth spoke to me today, bringing peace and rest to a worried soul.


2 Responses to The Voice of Truth

  1. Just when you hear the Voice of Truth be sure it isn’t coming from someone wearing Nike’s and wearing purple sweats asking you to belive in the mothership behind some comet…I’m fairly sure that is a phishing scam. I’m sorry you are having a rough stretch. It will eventually work out for the better and probably already has.

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