Like I said before, I can have a lot of fun with these Greek words.  “It’s over there by the storge container!”

Storgē is that special love that bonds a parent with a child.  When a parent says to their child, “I love you,” the Greeks say “I storgē you” or something to that effect.

The love for a child is an amazing thing.  Before I found out I was going to be a Daddy, I didn’t even want to ponder that possibility.  I’m a horrible person, I’m going to make horrible kids.  But I saw that little hand on the screen at the doctor’s office and that stony heart began to melt.

When she was born, I was an emotional wreck.  I had never held a child in my entire life.  Now, here was one of my very own!  By the time she was four, I was a very happy stay-at-home Dad.  About that time, her younger sister joined the family.

From a guy with absolutely no use for people under 21 to being totally enamored with my children – I discovered exactly what storgē is.  I love my kids.  Now that I am working, I try to arrange my schedule so I get more time to spend with my kids.

Storgē – the most amazing love of all.


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