I can have a lot of fun with these Greek words.  Agape.  Eros.  🙂  No, I’m not even going there! You would only boo and hiss at my joke about bows and Eros…

Anyway, Eros was the Greek god of intimate love – between a husband and wife.  We know him better by his Roman name, Cupid.  It is from that description we get the second in this treatise on love.

When I met my wife, 20 years ago, I was struck by her beauty.  Some would say there was love at first sight, and I believe them.  She haunted me even as I pursued other relationships.  After all, why would someone as beautiful as her want to waste time with an overgrown beer-swillin’ sailor whose face could sink ships?  But she found something in me as well.  We’re very happily married, have two kids and a house with a cedar picket fence.

It was the initial attraction that brought us together.  Had I not seen something in her, I would likely have not remembered her from that history class in college in 1991.  Her smile, her hair – but most of all her laugh…  But, as I am wont to do, I digress.

I started to go somewhere with this that would have made a lot of people angry.  So, here goes again.

God created the attraction-based love that brings together a man and a woman.  He did so for one reason – kids.  He wants people to worship Him.  He wants lots of people to worship Him.  And, as the Sovereign Creator of the universe, He pretty much gets what He wants.  So he put a drive in each of us to get married and have kids.

How do we find the one with which to have kids and remain true to God?  Through prayer and attraction.

I’ll admit that I didn’t pray before I married my wife.  Yeah, I went through the motions, but none of it was real until we’d been married for 2 ½ years.  It’s taken me from then until now to figure out how this hot babe that I married was brought to me by a God that I refused to serve until after we were married.

It’s all part of His plan.

Now that I love to worship Him, my kids see that.  They want to be like Daddy, so they worship Him as well.  And, when they’re grown, hopefully their kids will worship Him too.  It’s a cycle that’s gone on for millenia – ever since Eve first whacked Adam upside the head for driving too fast.

Whether are married or not, keep that attraction in the marriage.  Don’t let it go outside.  There’s something special between two people who have saved themselves for each other – something special that I shall never know.  And that special something is exactly what God intended for all of us.


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