Not about Daniel

Tonight is Daddy night.  I spent several hours this weekend, playing with my daughters, as my wife stayed home and played on the Wii.  Tonight it’s my turn.  But I hate staying at home alone.  I’d rather sit alone at McDonald’s sippin’ Diet Coke and drool while staring at Hot Apple Pies.

So I sit in these chairs at a McCafe that is trying desperately to turn itself into Starbucks and failing.  Hard, upholstered plastic chairs around a table that doesn’t even come up to my knees.  At least it has an outlet so I can listen to the CD in my laptop…

But I digress.  See, I came in here reading Daniel after the weekend conversation with the Jehovah’s Witness missionary.  The one who loved to talk with me because I came out to talk with her.  She was talking about prophecy and how her church is the one true faith because they teach the bible from cover to cover.  And they cover prophecy exceptionally well.

I accepted The Watchtower and Awake, mostly out of courtesy.  She asked if I would like to learn more about her faith.  I said, “No.”  She asked why not.  I replied, “I don’t rightly know.  I know nothing of your church, what you believe, what you teach.”

As the conversation got deeper, she discovered that I knew the bible.  I was getting excited about the exchange, because we were sharing God’s Word.  I explained to her that my church, too, teaches from Genesis to Revelation.  Every jot and tittle of the law remains in force until Christ’s triumphant return.  She began to get excited.

Then I said it.  “Scripture says, ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.'” (Acts 16:31).

She said, “That’s right!”

And I added, “Scripture also tells us of the great commandments.  To love God with everything we are, and to love our neighbor as ourself.  That is why I admire what you are doing – going door to door, sharing your faith.  Me, I carry the love with me and show my neighbors, but I could never do this sort of missionary work.”

She replied, “Your missionary work is every day, the people with whom you come into contact.  You share Christ’s love, and they see Him in you.  Do you ever speak of Him?”

“Sometimes I do.  I don’t want to come off preachy.  I just want people to see what He has done in me.”

She will return in two weeks with a copy of the Jehovah’s Witness statement of faith.   In the meantime, I’ve done some reading on my own.  I could never be a Jehovah’s Witness because I believe in the divinity of Christ – as the incarnation of the one, true God.  He was never the archangel Michael, and is not a lesser god.  Revelation says that the angels worship Christ.

I look forward to meeting with her again.  This time, I will have my sword (the Word of God) with me.  I hope our conversation will be as pleasant next time as it was this past time.


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