C’mon, Dads! Step up!

Seriously!  They’re not going to be young forever!

Last night, I went to a Daddy/Daughter dance with my two daughters.  It was a wonderful experience, and one that I hope to continue.

I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I need to tell you that I felt sorry for the other dads.  At the beginning of the dance, the DJ had some technical difficulties.  And I sat down, talked and laughed with my daughters.  I counted at least twenty other guys who were on their cell phones during the lull.

We were celebrating a special time with some of the most special girls in our lives – and they had to call some other goober on their cell phones!

I’m sorry, but I have a serious problem with this, guys.  What in the world can be more important than our children?  Business?  Friends?

How often does a chance like this come along – a chance to spend a very special evening with our kids?  And some would rather whip out their iPhone and make a call.  Then we turn around and gripe about the condition of the world.

There was a time when parents spent time with their children.  Whether it was in front of the fire or in the field, they spent time with them.  The children felt loved and respected.  They did not devote themselves to their PSP or XBox.   And parents did not devote themselves to matters outside the home.

At some point, money and possessions became much more important than families.  We have to work very hard to get more stuff, and the price of stuff keeps going up.  But our friends have better stuff than us (so we think) and we have to keep up with our friends.

That’s a load of #$*(@#(!

And we all know it.  But still we play the game.

Our kids are only going to be young once.  We have to enjoy them while we can.  We have to teach them how to grow up.  If we don’t then someone else will – and we don’t know what they will teach.

Love your children.  Spend time with them.  Not only when it’s convenient for you.


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