Daddy Daughter Dance

No, this isn’t an exercise in alliteration.

Tonight is an event I’ve always wanted to attend, but never really had an opportunity.  Tonight, I take my daughters to a dance.  One is 12, the other is 7.  They’re both growing up so fast!

On the one hand, I still see my girls as the young, sweet, innocent and harmless babes with only one goal in life – play.  But they aren’t.  My oldest is a young lady – a friend at church asked me who the blonde lady was standing between my wife and I.  That was over a year ago when she was 10.  My youngest is already engineering bridges and buildings on KNEX.  Neither of them yet realize what a scary place the world is.

On the other hand, I’m hoping that a night like this will teach them how a gentleman should treat them.  We will talk about dancing and how to enjoy it without violating protocol.  And they’ll likely teach me how to dance!

But more than anything, we’re gonna have fun.  We’ll bang our heads and we’ll slowly sway.  We’ll dress up in our finest and celebrate the mix of childhood and maturity.

For all of my time as a Daddy, I can’t imagine a better time with my daughters.


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