To My Valentine

I love my wife.  And she loves me – after 20 years I think I know why.

For the voyeurs and prospective paparazzi out there, this is not a tell-all blog post.  Sorry.

My love for her has matured greatly over the years.  I met her when I got out of the Navy and into college in 1991.  At that time, she was more than just another pretty face.  She was, in fact, pretty enough that I didn’t think she would give this ugly mug the time of day.  Today, though, she is far prettier than she was in 1991.

But my attraction to her today goes far beyond mere looks.  On this day, nearly twenty years after we first met, there are no other women worthy of my retinas.  They are like Boone’s Farm compared to the fine wine I already possess.

My wife and I define synergy – which is the way I think God intended for our relationship to be.  She is strong where I am not, and vice-versa.  The two of us are much stronger together than the pair should be.  I mean – we’re raising KIDS!

And kids are one huge reason our love has grown.  They bring us closer together.  They provide us with incentive to keep going with what God has made for us, even when things aren’t pretty.

But mostly, she’s the one who holds my heart.  Not unlike Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, the one who holds my heart holds my destiny.  And she holds mine.

I thank God for her every day.  And I pray that there will be many, many years before He separates us.

I love you!


5 Responses to To My Valentine

  1. Dustin says:

    Great post, Jim. I love all the affirmations… but I especially love that you point out that things aren’t always pretty. Marriage is an awesome thing, yet sometimes a tough thing. I love how you centralize on the fact that you both have a shared vision — God’s vision on your lives.

  2. Marie Dozier says:

    This was so wonderful, sweet, and romantic! You are a great husband! Happy Valentine’s Day to you both!

  3. Marriage does take more than love. Thanks for this one. It is the day after V-Day, but I’m a slow reader, so that’s why I am commenting now and not then.

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