Just Keep Tellin’ Yourself That, Clay!

They’re all God’s children. Even the lady who wants to tell me I’m a complete idiot because she can’t describe for me what she wants to see. Even the guy who’s screaming at me because he dropped his computer in a puddle of melted snow. Even the co-worker who’s angry because I handled 20 password resets and he only got one hard-to-resolve call.

They are all God’s children.

Even though I fail sometimes to see it.  Everybody has their day, right?  And we’re all carrying issues.  Maybe the guy who dropped his computer just lost work that is irrecoverable.  Maybe the co-worker is worried about getting fired because his ticket count is too low.  And maybe the lady who couldn’t describe the issue is just plain having a bad day.

“Give me your eyes for just one second…”

I don’t want to forget that everybody I described above is God’s children.  They are my brothers and sisters.  Even if they don’t know Him, I need to love them.

And that includes the technician from a leading computer company that called me asking how to uninstall Microsoft Office.


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