Help My Dog!

We love our dogs.  All four of them.  The chihuahua, the lab/collie, the great dane and the husky.  We love them.

Did I mention we love them?

Today we had an adventure.  Yewsten was shut down because of icy roads.  We don’t know how to drive on ice, and we admit it.  But the meteorologists had promised snow – which did not happen.  My daughters were very upset, but we intended to make the best of it.  Our backyard was icy and they enjoyed playing on it.  But it wasn’t long before the ice was gone from playing on it.

We decided to go to the park.  There would be a lot of untouched ice there, right?  And we had fun over there.  Our two biggest dogs joined us.  The husky (Blue) and the great dane (ShyAnn)  And we let them run.  And our ShyAnn lost her collar.  But that wasn’t the adventure.

We got cold and hungry, so we took a break and went to a leading fast food taco place for 35% beef with 65% fillers.  It was yummy.

Then we returned to the park for more fun on the ice.  About ten minutes into it, ShyAnn started yelping.  She had gotten two toes stuck in the grate.  We tried and tried, but could not get her free.  Now, carrying a cell phone is not our normal way.  So I went to where the pay phone was to call for help.  But the pay phone was no longer there.  Maybe there’s one across the street at the soccer fields?

I started to cross the street and a cop came by.  Flagging him down, he graciously offered to help.  But he had no tools with which to help.  He did try to call the fire department, but they were too busy with people emergencies.  I certainly do understand that, and I salute them for their dedication to people, particularly on days in Yewsten that got all the way up to 34F.

The girls, Blue and I went home so I could get my hands on some tools.  But I did not have enough extension cords to get from the pavilion to where ShyAnn was.  I drove back to the park, trying to call for more extension cords along the way.  None were forthcoming.

A tow truck led me into the park.  He pulled out boltcutters and cut the grate for us.  With an officer of the law present we were not worried about this act being misunderstood for vandalism.  ShyAnn came home with this piece of grate on her paw like an oversized ring.

For two hours, my wife and I worked with the Dremel tool and removed the grate from ShyAnn’s foot.

I would like to thank DPS Officer Hutchinson and the nameless driver from Platinum MotorSports for assisting us today.  My wife spent two hours hunched over in the cold, keeping ShyAnn warm and calm.  My kids were incredibly well-behaved.  And I got to look like a useless fool who took his dogs and kids to a park on a day that looked like a margarita.


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