Male Bonding

This morning, KSBJ’s Susan O’Donnell posed a question.  Women bond with tears and laughter.  I’ll let her go into details about the ladies’ side of things.  But the question she asked was, Do men have an equivalent?

It’s a fair question.  After all, how well do men and women really understand each other?

Susan, I have an answer for you.


Men thrive on, and bond over conquest.  That’s why we love sports and hunting and war.  We must conquer something.  When we do, whether individually or as a team, we utter a primal yell that notifies the entire world we are MEN!

Christ brings us to that realization.  In Him, we are “…more than conquerors”.  He has conquered the ultimate enemy and asks us to join His army.  Victory over sin and death.

Through Him, we can achieve that pinnacle of conquest.

And that makes me grab my hankie.


One Response to Male Bonding

  1. Dustin says:

    Awesome picture. Absolutely agree that as men we bond, draw together, and connect through conquering things.

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