Religion is the Hook – but Christ is not a Religion.

I thought about arguing with him.  Then I thought about agreeing with him to a point.

We were discussing the subject of Nancy Davis, the missionary killed by drug violence in Mexico.  His comment, What are “missionaries” doing in a “christian” country?

The conversation continued, me explaining the role of missionaries dispensing food and medical care, and that many missionaries are at work right here in the United States.

He then replied, Food and medicine are the bait.  Religion is the hook.

This is what people fail to see about Christianity.  We are bombarded by preachers who want us to join their religion and make their mega-church even bigger than the others.  They ask us to pay money so they can expand their mega-church.

Christ is not a religion.  He is a person who only wants what is claimed in the gospel.  We love Him.  We love each other.  That’s it.  The other 62 books in the bible fall in line once we have love in its proper place.

Failure to love is a failure to share the gospel.  And I pray for my friend with whom I spoke.  That he can see the true love of Christ, not the dark side.


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