My 9th Birthday

Won’t you join me in celebrating my 9th birthday on Sunday?  30 Jan 2002 is when I dedicated my life to the Lord.  The last nine years have been a roller coaster of spiritual emotions.

I knew I needed something more in my life.  I had been attending church, at my wife’s request, because she knew it was better for our daughter to be in church than not.  At the time, I had a fiery temper and a foul mouth.  So, I had taken my daughter to bible study on Wednesday night at the church we were considering joining.

On the way home, listening to Christian radio in an attempt to understand all of this, the preacher read a letter from a listener in the Middle East.  The letter writer said that he had become a Christian listening to the radio program.  He couldn’t tell anybody, though, because they would kill him.

“It’s a shame he has to be so afraid,” I thought.

Then I felt as if someone said to me, “Why are you so afraid?”

“My friends like me for who I am.  They like my stories and jokes.”

“Are they more important than me?”

I drove into a Wal-Mart parking lot and asked Him to change my life.  “Make me into the person You want me to be,” I prayed.

And He did.  He helped me with my rage problem.  He taught me to lean on him ‘cuz I’m not dependable.  He showed me His Providence – we never missed a meal, though some were kinda slim.  And through it all, our church family was beside us.  They supported us through the lean times, and we supported others when the tables had turned.

It is now nine years later.  My faith grows stronger every day.  I am learning to find God in everything, even secular heavy metal.  I am learning to treat my body as a temple rather than a garbage dump.  And He is holding my hand all the way.

Won’t you join me in celebrating my 9th birthday?  There won’t be any cake or presents.  No party games or Wii marathons.  Celebrate by giving God thanks for what He has done – and will do – in your life, just as He has for me.


2 Responses to My 9th Birthday

  1. Dustin says:

    Awesome! What a great thing to celebrate!

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