Winter in Yewsten

OK – if you’re not from Texas, you would recognize it as Houston.  But that’s how the locals say it.  And I’m a local, dagnabit!

Winter in Yewsten is like being a fan of a Yewsten sports team.  There is the occasional great season followed my long periods of disappointment.  Our winter comes in brief shots.  Right now, we are in the dead of winter.  Lows in the 20s and 30s, highs in the 50s.  I know, compared with the rest of the US, this is not winter.

But, are you in Portland Oregon prepared for a Yewsten summer?  Are you in New York prepared for humid sleepless nights even with A/C?  Are you in Green Bay prepared for a hurricane?

Neither are we prepared for temperatures in the freezing range.  Last night, my wife and I wrapped our roses and tropical plants so they will be there next year.  I wore jeans, a fleece hoodie, a coat and wished that I had gloves.  Here’s another “perspective” item for ya – I bought two sweaters when I was stationed in Seattle in 1988.  They still look fairly new.

So, we’re midway through our 21 non-consecutive days of winter.  It’s noon and 36° out there (that’s 2 for you metric-types).  I am in an office that can handle hot days quite well.  But today my fingers feel like they’re fixin’ ta fall off.

Winter in Yewsten.  You’d rather have a winter here.  I’d rather have a summer there.  We’re even.



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