…and I felt like a hypocrite!

I love food.  I love to cook it.  I love to eat it.  I love to share it.  I love food!

Last night for dinner, my mother-in-law fixed soup beans with ham hocks.  See my food blog for the recipe.  I ate two big bowls of beans.  My kids ate less than half of their bowls and we admonished them that there would be no dessert (vanilla ice cream).

My oldest complained.  I explained to her that I wanted her to eat more healthy, otherwise she would grow up looking like me – a fat tub o’ lard.  She needed to eat more of her main course before she could eat dessert.

As the words came out of my mouth, the logic (or lack thereof) hit me in the face like a young girl’s slap.  I ate two big bowls of beans and three scoops of ice cream with homemade buttercream icing on top.  And I’m worried that she would grow up looking like me.  Does that give me the license to point out the speck in my daughter’s eye when there’s a huge beam in my own?

Do as I say, not as I do

I’ve heard adults say that all of my life.  It makes absolutely no sense.  We need to be examples to our children, not talking heads.  I was a glutton last night and I warned my daughter about gluttony.  I should amend the title; I didn’t feel like a hypocrite, I am a hypocrite.

Today, I am making a change in my personal habits.  I am eating healthier – I’m not a nutcase, but it will be healthier.  And I will live up to the words that I give to my kids.


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