I Promise I Won’t Write a Manifesto

A few years ago, I was on a decent programming gig.  One particularly frustrating day, I told my boss, “I am moving to a cabin in Montana.”
She said, “Just don’t write a manifesto.”

That’s why I now say, “I wanna be an Amish.”  The sentiment is the same.  No computers.  No email.  No tech support.  Nobody calling me and asking if I will work on their computer.

I got my first computer in 1979.  In case you’re not good with math, that’s >30 years ago.  (Yes, I used the greater-than symbol rather than spelling it out.  It won’t go away!)  I wanted to study chemistry.  I wanted to know more about how radio works.  I wanted to go fishing.  But I got a computer.

My first chemistry teacher in high school was a coach.  Chemistry was not his strong point.  We spent more time talking about the Dallas CowLosers than we did about interaction of various atoms.  Chemistry II was taught by a guy who wore his lab coat everywhere he went.  He was fired for demonstrating the chemical interaction between malt and yeast in the classroom.  Yes, he made beer.

So, with chemistry no longer an option, I defaulted into what was the new love in my life – bits and bytes.  And it took several years for the novelty to wear off.  But now, the computers are growing faster than I ever dreamed possible.  I used to be a one-stop shop for solutions.  Not any more.  People come to me expecting answers about everything digital.

And, I am tired of supporting my home PC.  I told my wife that if our Windows PC crashed (again), we would call Geek Squad like everybody else.  The mechanic’s car doesn’t work.  The painter’s house looks horrible.  The computer guy’s computer is crap.

What do I want?  I want a ranchito.  10-20 acres that my wife and I can call our own, with some moo-cows and cluckers.  She wants a garden.  I want fresh air.  She wants fresh meat and milk.  I want to make cheese.  She wants to work on her crafts.  I want fresh air.

And I want a machine in the house that can send/receive e-mail.

And I want to keep my Wii.

Other than that, I want to get away from technology.  But I promise I won’t write a manifesto.


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