Doing Something About It

Last week, I asked “Then Why Don’t I Do More About It?”  And I was going to title this one “Opportunities Abound” but realized it works better as a follow up to that one.  So I did.  And here it is.  And I’m going to keep using and until you’re bored and….

On with the show.

I am becoming passionate about bringing others to Christ.  That much is certain.  How to fulfill that passion, though, is another story.  How do I live my passion without appearing like a nutcase?  I don’t want to be the Used Car Evangelist (“your life will be so much better if you just turn it all over to God.”) ‘cuz it’s not true.  Nor do I want to come off as the Holy Roller Evangelist (“you are going to HELL if you don’t change from your evil ways!”) ‘cuz while it may be true it rarely works.  I also don’t want to be the frenzied psycho confronting everybody and their brother about religion.

So, how do I do it?

This weekend, I got a glimpse of how God takes care of that for us.  I was doing some work at an apartment complex, and met a couple of people.  The words that came out of my mouth did not come from my own mind.  I truly believe that God was speaking through me.  And I praise Him for it.

One was a stay-at-home dad who’s wife was in the army.  Finances are tight and the prospect of raising two toddler girls on his own was frightening.  He was pleased with the tax news I had for him.  But what hit his heart even more was when I told him “I’ve been there.  And it’s going to get better.  I don’t know how and I don’t know when.  But it will get better.  You and your family remain in my prayers.”  He relaxed and smiled.  Then he said, “I needed to hear that.”

Another person was chatting about her life of faith.  She does not go to church, but occasionally attends a bible study.  She likes it, but feels like a hypocrite when she goes to bible study one night and a bar the next.  “I know God wants me to be a good person, but I keep breaking the rules.  It just doesn’t make any sense to keep on trying.”
I am convinced that God does not want us to just be good people who follow rules.  He asked us to love Him and love others.  That’s it.  You commit your life to those two simple rules, the rest will fall into place.”  I continued about how our heavenly Father wants us to act with him as we do with our earthly parents.  He doesn’t want perfection, just our love.
“I’m not a bad person.”
I don’t believe you, or anyone else, is a bad person.  I have told inmates at prison that the only difference between them and me is that I’m not in here.  You are a good person.  You just need to find what God wants with your life.”

And she left.

Whether or not either of those people will be affected by my words, I may never know.  I don’t care if I ever find out.  I’m doing the work the King sent me to do.  Sometimes I plant.  Sometimes I water.  Sometimes I harvest.  But if I allow Him to speak through me, I can never go wrong.


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