That’s a Big Cup!

Random thoughts for a Friday.

At work, I have a “Thirst Universe” water jug.  With a straw.  It holds 64oz of H2O.  I drink two of these every day on doctor’s orders.  And it gets people talking whenever they see me fill it.  “That’s a big cup,” they say.  And it is.  It’s big enough that when I have it in the car it won’t tip over.

I also have a coffee cup with the Periodic Table on it.  Geeks love it.  And I’ve used it for reference a number of times.  “Is carbon a metalloid?”  “Is tin lighter than gold?”

My friend told me a good cajun joke.  I told my boss.  Then she told me her maiden name was Thibodeaux.  She had mercy.  I’m still employed.

Nothing says “Good times” like old Van Halen with Diamond Dave at the helm.

Is George Soros ready to take over the world?

Why am I still here?  I should be at home.  In bed.  With a huge shot of NyQuil…  “The Q is talkin’ to me!”


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