Yes, Flick, your tongue really will stick

By now, every living soul in America has seen the movie I call the “BB Gun Movie”. Most of the rest of you call it “A Christmas Story”. Ralphie wants a BB Gun.

The most memorable part of that movie is when Flick sticks his tongue to the flagpole. It’s memorable ‘cuz it happened to me when I was ten years old and living in Princeton, Illinois.

You folks up north don’t understand why I have to explain this to people in the south. We don’t get to zero in Houston. We definitely don’t get below zero. Most Houstonians have never seen temperatures cold enough for this phenomenon to occur.

But I lived in Princeton, Illinois during a winter that hit -20F. And my buddies told me that the fencepost was like a popsicle. And they convinced me that there was nothing wrong with licking it. And I did.

Like Flick in the movie, my tongue got stuck. Unlike Flick, I pulled away quick enough that I only lost a layer of taste buds. I still vividly remember the dots on the fencepost.

So, when we watch the movie, my kids look at me and say, “How can that happen?” And all I can think is I gotta get them through at least one REAL winter.


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