More than a Manger

Well, for me it’s Friday.  See, my employer sees fit to take off Thursday and Friday (as well as Saturday and Sunday!) for Christmas.  Not for “holidays”, for Christmas!  While many here still stress about giving presents, many others are revelling in the true meaning of the day.  Christ is born!  God is with us! 

OK – so we say it.  But have you ever thought about what it really means for Christ to be born?  It is humbling and moving.  This so much more than a baby in a manger and fantastically wealthy gifts for an incredibly poor family.  This is the beginning of the end of God’s plan for humanity – and the eternal defeat of Satan.

At the beginning of the world, God told Eve that her offspring would defeat the serpent.  She was likely very happy about this.  The serpent deceived her – tricked her into sinning.  To her, the serpent was an earthly creature.  To God, the serpent was the evil Satan.  Lucifer.  The angel of light who thought he was equal to God and tried to overthrow Him.  God wanted to prove to Satan that people would worship Him even if we never saw His face.

Throughout ancient history, the plan unfolded.  God chose a group of people to carry His Word to the world.  He knew that it would take more than that, though, and planned to send a physical embodiment of His spoken Word to the rebellious people of Earth.  That physical embodiment, according to John 1, was the Christ, the Annointed One, the Messiah.  Jesus. 

His job was to bring God’s spoken Word, live a sinless life and die.  The consequence of sin is death.  We are all sinners and deserve to die.  But Jesus did not sin.  When He died, we were all brought into God’s mercy and grace.  Then above that gift, He rose from the grave, walked the earth again and then ascended into Heaven.

During His time on earth, He taught us about God, God’s Kingdom and how to live.  He endeavored to bring us all into reconciliation with the Father.  He changed the course of history.

And it all started on a winter’s night two thousand years ago.


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