How UnHumble Can I Be?

I believe God will speak to us when we are ready to listen. Through the Holy Spirit, we receive ideas that are clearly not our own. It may even wake us up from our slumber.

For several weeks, I was functioning (quite well, I might add) on five to six hours of sleep a night. Then my work schedule changed. This week I’ve been getting eight or more per night. See the post about how I miss my kids for more details.

So, when I felt the nudge from God, an unmistakable feeling, I looked at the clock and said, “it’s 5:30. You gotta be kidding.” And I rolled over for more sleep.

How cocky! Here, the sovereign God of the universe, the only God, whose voice created the world, condemned angels and saved people… This God sought an audience with me. Not with the president. Not with the Pope. Me.

And I went back to sleep. “You gotta be kidding.”

Be ready, Jesus said. Like the ten virgins, we mist be ready.

With a contrite heart, I woke to face the day. And I knelt in prayer to find out how I could serve Him.

The rest is between He and I. But I learned a lesson about listening for Him, not only to him.


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