Being Christian in Retail

I don’t like working retail. Particularly with the “holidays” approaching. It’s busy in the mall! But every now and again, an event occurs that reminds you why you’re here.

A guest came in with a broken necklace. She wanted it repaired for free, since she only had it for a couple of months. My co-worker was angry with her because the guest “made her look stupid”. Since my co-worker was working with her, I was going to leave it alone.

But she stopped me as I walked by and told me her story. I looked up the sale (from another store), explained that I would have to eat the cost of the repair, but I would take care of it for her. She said she didn’t want me that and asked about a replacement. I wound up selling a new chain and she paid for the repair on the old one.

All I did was treat the guest in the same manner I would like to be treated. I did not dismiss her outright, I treated her with respect.

If everybody in retail would try the same approach, they would be surprised at the results!


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