We are Diamonds

I have been selling jewelry, off and on, for two years. I have learned a lot about rocks in that time. Prior to 2008, diamonds were just clear rocks. I had no desire to own them, although my wedding ring has three small diamonds in it.

Working at a jewelry store has taught me about the beauty of a clear, well-cut diamond. When you see the brilliance, the fire and sparkle of a fine diamond, you will understand.

A diamond is graded on color, cut, clarity and carat-weight – commonly called the four Cs. It is also rated according to how it handles light. And a diamond does not have to be a highly graded stone to handle light well. The four Cs work together to make a beautiful diamond.

Of the four Cs, three are controlled by nature – how the diamond was formed and the impurities present. Cut is controlled by people – the diamond cutters. It is the most telling factor when determining light-handling characteristics of a diamond.

Also, a diamond has no light of its own. It can only reflect the light that is around it. The beauty of a diamond is completely invisible in darkness. Without light, diamonds are just hard rocks.

With this education behind me, I began to consider our place in God’s world. We are all diamonds. Our environment has placed its influence on our lives, with impurities altering our clarity and color.

When we give our permission, the Diamond Cutter goes to work. He cuts away the dross, revealing a gemstone-quality diamond. What is left when the lesser quality rock is removed may be a tiny half-carat or a ginormous jewel like the Hope Diamond.

Whether we are a VVS-1 or an I-3, we have no light of our own. We must reflect the Master’s light. And how well we reflect the light depends on how we have allowed the Master to cut. Even with inclusions (sins of the past), we can still brightly reflect God’s light.

We need only allow Him to cut properly.

It matters not where you have been, only that you allow the Master to cut on your diamond. Your brilliance, fire and sparkle can then be used to change the world!


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