I Can’t Believe I Did This

This morning, I had a test with a software company. I got up early, got dressed in the dark and left without waking my lovely wife.

When I arrived at the software place, the receptionist looked at me and said, “You’ll fit in just fine”. I smiled and nodded, and she directed me to the testing room. “You are allotted 45 minutes for this test. Please show all your work.” Then she returned to her desk.

I finished the test in twelve minutes, handed her my paper and left. The ride home was nice, after all I had just blown the test away. They would call me next week with the results.

When I got home, my lovely wife was awake. I began telling her about the test, but she kept looking at my chest. Finally she interrupted me, “Why is your shirt unbuttoned?”

I looked down, the top two buttons were fastened, but the others were not! It was tucked into my pants but unbuttoned!

We laughed about that all day long. I bet I don’t get that job!


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