Mercantile vs. Agrarian Society

Money was invented by governments who had to have a way to tax people. How can Uncle Sam build an army with chickens and grain? But go back a few millennia, to a time when money did not exist. Wealth was calculated by how many sheep or cattle one had. The only hard times came during famine, and that was only if one was not prepared. Hmmmmmm.

So, I done me some thinkin’. If this was not a mercantile economy (based on money – ie, the dollar), how could I contribute? I bought my house and tiny plot of land with money acquired from a job. I worked on computers for various large companies until I had enough to put down – finance – a house. If money were no longer viable, if all the dollar bills in the world would no longer buy a loaf of bread, how would my family survive?

We have been learning how to get by on our own. And the more we learn, the more we like the agrarian ideal. We have learned how to raise and preserve our own fruits and veggies. We can build a fire with matches, kindling and wood. We can sew. We can make things work without money.

And we can barter our skills for those of others. Trade a few jars of peach preserves for a skillet. Make clothes in exchange for some meat.

I have become an “unfan” of money. Without a job, in this economy, all of the skills in the world mean exactly diddly-squat. Without a job, there is no money. My family becomes a drain on society. If we did not need MONEY, we could continue to be vital members of society.

Thank God for His provision during the good times and the bad. He envisioned a society without cash. He put forward the perfect society – one which took care of each other, exploiting strengths and supporting weaknesses. There were no poor as everybody worked for a common good. Unlike communism which relies on a strict human government, God’s perfect society relied on Him for everything. Only the lazy went without.

We all have a God-given ability to contribute. Let’s find a way to work together.


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