‘Nother Day, ‘Nother Dollar

Here I am, back at a job I used to enjoy. When people would walk in and say “I wanna buy a one-carat diamond and price doesn’t matter”, the job was enjoyable. Now they come in wanting a one-carat VVS diamond at the same price of a half-carat I3. (For the uneducated, that’s like saying you want a new Infiniti for the price of an ’05 Sentra.)

Our job is based on how many people buy one carat or greater diamonds and credit applications. Sales and repairs also figure in.

We’re in an economic slowdown. Watch the news. Nobody wants another credit card. Nobody is spending money on luxury items. Gold and diamonds are not investments, they are luxury.

So my numbers stink. And my manager hears about it from his boss. And he has to pass it along to me.

I do enjoy meeting people. I think Zales has high-quality merchandise. I also believe that my numbers will not improve until the economy does.

Let’s hope that happens soon!


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