Raise up a Deliverer

Read the book of Judges.

Two hundred and thirty-four years ago, our nation was founded on Christian ideals. Modern re-historians would have us believe otherwise. Truth, though, is truth. In God we trust. None other is trustworthy.

So, in our finite wisdom, we have pushed God out of our way. The infinite creator of time, the universe and life itself. Like Israel of old, we have sought other gods. Money gods. Entertainment gods – we even call them idols. Pleasure gods. Pride. Comfort. We have traded our souls for these gods.

And yet we are never satisfied. We always want more and more. More pleasures. More money. More food. And more and more.

Like Israel of long ago, we have abandoned the One True God who blessed us from shore to shore. We have chosen our own ways over His. We choose momentary pleasure over eternal bliss. And, in His infinite grace, He has continued to bless us.

But there comes a point when we must face the consequences of our actions. Throughout our nation’s history we faced ups and downs. Each time we felt we could do it on our own, we walked away from God and entered a period of decline. Then we sought Him and entered a period of prosperity.

And somehow we, like the Israelites 4000 years ago, can’t learn our lesson. So we continue to walk away from Him. And like them we face oppression. In their case foreign armies attacked. In our case economic ruin.

The Israelites remembered God and asked Him to raise up a deliverer. I ask America to do the same. Remember your God and ask Him to raise up a deliverer. Someone who can lead this nation against the oppression of our own making. Someone who can restore this nation to the God we once claimed to trust.

Pray with me that our nation will return to God and walk away from the sin we now embrace. Pray with me that we can once again enjoy peace and prosperity. Maybe we can see it in our lifetime.



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