There’s No Place Like Home

Nearly twenty years ago I came home from the navy. Four years of military life had not prepared me for the feeling I would get landing back in Corpus Christi. There was, quite frankly, no future for me here. I even wrote an epic poem on the plane that I called “Dead-End Town”. Thankfully, no copies survived to this day. That poem did describe the feeling of hopelessness quite well.

But, come home I did. And I found my way to finish college without landing in jail. And as soon as I graduated I moved on to bigger and better things. Like Austin and Houston. Anything – just get me out of this dead-end town.

This weekend I had to run an errand in Corpus Christi. Something I noticed on my last trip was that no matter how long you spend away from home, it’s always home. Never mind the fact that my parents have moved a dozen times since I graduated high school. Never mind the fact that I have lived the last ten years with my wife and kids in a nice house 200 miles away.

There is a peace that comes when visiting mom and dad. I feel like that little kid coming home to a warm meal and a hug after a long day of play. It’s the way I felt coming home on leave from the navy.

I came in to mom and dad’s house and left my cares and worries on the front porch. I don’t need to worry that I don’t have a job. I don’t have to worry about what I will eat. I don’t have to act like something I’m not. My dad and I stayed up late (11:00) chatting about all sorts of non-essentials. What is Avogadro’s Number anyway? What was the name of the DCA on the Long Beach? Why do we even care?

Tonight, I’m at the same place I called home twenty years ago even though it’s a different building. It’s the same place as forty years ago even though it’s a different state. It’s mom and dad’s house. It’s like I never left.


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