Talking Secular Metal with my Preacher

If you know me, you know I love heavy metal music.  I love hard, driving music with lots of guitar, little keys and heavy vocals.  Soundgarden.  Metallica.  Deep Purple.  Since I became a Christian, I found new bands like Demon Hunter.  Skillet (well, their old stuff, anyway).  Tourniquet.

This morning’s sermon was based on Rev. 6:9-11.  The fifth seal.  Our preacher, Jeff Christian, mentioned the four horsemen and said there had been hundreds of good sermons on them, and lots of references in popular culture.  He actually said “Metallica” in a positive manner during a Church of Christ sermon.  He had mentioned AC/DC before – in what I believe was the first sermon at our church.  I like him.  He likes my kind of music.  We can relate.

I spoke with him briefly after the service and we talked music.  Chris Cornell and Dream Theater were mentioned.  In what was a revelation to me, secular heavy metal can be enjoyed by Christians without shame.

So many people I’ve spoken with have said they never listen to secular music.  Some even say it with a haughty voice.  They enjoy all that Christian metal has to offer, but would never be able to say “Decypher Down sounds like Soundgarden.”  When I’ve mentioned that I enjoyed a Rush concert with our former preacher, Sean Palmer, they are appalled.  When I mention that I can find Scripture in “The Distance” by Cake, they are dumbfounded.

Fellow Christians, there is no more shame in listening to secular heavy metal than there is in listening to secular country music.  Perhaps less, from a metalhead’s point of view – unless you’re talking Marty Robbins or Johnny Cash…  Seriously.  Listen to it with an open mind.  Find the rage and anguish that prompted the words.  Relate it to your life.  Now relate it to Christ.  Do you find a message there?

I continue to enjoy heavy metal in both Christian and secular circles.  It is the kind of music I like.  That is not going to change.  I make no apologies for the music I enjoy.  It is what it is.  And I believe God is there – in all of it.


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