Six days and counting

Six days ago I found put that my life was not going as I had planned. The company from whence I planned to retire was facing hard times and needed to thin the ranks. Not a problem, I’m in the hands of God. He has given me a part-time job. My family has not given up on me, and looks forward to spending time with me.

Still, the enemy vexes me. Last night, while cleaning the glass at Zales (quite the menial task), the enemy began telling me that I was worthless as a husband and father. I cannot even hold down a job long enough to call it a career. My middle name may as well be “Lay-off”.

I figured out the ruse and said “By the authority given to me by Christ Almighty, Shut Up!!” It took a few tries, but the voice shut up. I felt better. I told one of my co-workers and she confirmed that we face those trials.

The enemy knows that my pride is my weakness. The enemy knows that I still try to pull my own weight without help from the Lord. I try to put my entire trust in Him, but His word commands me to work as well. Where do I draw the line?

So I keep telling the enemy to shut up. And I keep asking the Lord to bless me and keep me going.

Thank you for your prayers. And if you know of anyone that’s hiring, put in a good word for me, OK?


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