Changes. Seems like life is full of ’em. Last Thursday, I marked another change in my life. I re-entered the ranks of the unemployed.

I could blame my boss for not understanding my situation, but I won’t. I could blame the politicians for not allowing drilling in the Gulf. Heck, I could even blame God for making my life as difficult as only He can. But I won’t.

See, for the first time in my Christian life, I’m putting my faith where it needs to be. God has given me everything I have. Who am I to tell Him He can’t have it?

He has provided for us in the past. He will continue to provide. I put my faith in His promises. What else do I have? It’s either that or depression, and I’ve already been down that road. Not gonna do it again.

Thanks for listening. I’d appreciate any prayers you want to send on my behalf. Also, if you know anyone that’s hiring geeks, let me know.



One Response to Changes

  1. Jim Hughes says:

    Sorry to hear that you’re out of work, Clay, but applaud your approach. Blessings in the days ahead as you seek new opportunities!

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