Vacation – What more need be said?

Here I am.  In the far northeastern corner of Arkansas.  Enjoying the simple life of harvesting the garden and getting ready to go toobing.  The town in which I vacation has less than 3000 people.  It’s less than .1% the population of the Houston Metroplex.  I am far more comfortable in a small town than I ever was in a big city.  ‘Course, my job (which I actually do love – and none of my bosses read this blog), my church (which I love – and some of my fellow congregants do read this blog) and my house (which I can sell when the market rebounds) are in Houston.  But that’s another post for another day.

Typical day – get up at 7:30 am, go pick veggies, eat a hearty breakfast, sit outside and watch the car go by, probably catch a snooze while out there.  After lunch, take a nap and sit outside and watch the kids swim.  Then eat a hearty dinner and play cards ‘cuz the skeeters outside are too bad to sit outside.

There are things in the sky here they call “stars”.  I laughed because, being from Houston, I thought “stars” were just myth.  They are not visible from the city.  But out here, there are so many I cannot even pick out constellations.  ‘Course, we only look at the stars if we are covered with skeeter spray.

Well, I’m getting ready to do some techie stuff.  I’m going to install a webcam on my mother-in-law’s computer.  Then I’m back to country.



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