I’ll Never Make it as a Bachelor

I love my wife. I really mean that. She and I were meant to be together – you know, like peas and something orange… Seriously, God put us together so we could benefit each other. Sure, we’ve had our moments, but I dare you to name a married couple that hasn’t. I love her more than I love my own life. Isn’t that what scripture says?

Well, I’ll never make it as a bachelor. It’s not just missing her loving arms, it’s the fact I feel so much more motivated to be vital in her presence.

She’s been at her mom’s house for ten days and I miss her. When she’s here, I take care of things around the house. When she’s gone, I just want to sit and watch tv. When she’s here, I cook. When she’s gone, i scrounge around for food. I’m only up this late because I had to wait for the frozen turkey and gravy to heat up.

Is my source of motivation where it should be? I mean, what if the unthinkable happens? What if she’s no longer here for me? What if I’m left alone? Who will motivate me then?

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to find my motivation in someone who will always be there for me. But to do that, I need to actually put my entire trust in Him. And He has proven Himself trustworthy to me through scripture and experience.

So here’s the million dollar question: Am I willing to actually get off my duff and do what He expects of me even though my wife is 750 miles away? I am. And this year I’m handling my time away from my wife better than I ever have.

Thank you Lord for motivating me
And thank you Lord for blessing me
Thank you Lord for giving me
A reason to succeed!



2 Responses to I’ll Never Make it as a Bachelor

  1. clayharryman says:

    Actually posted on 29 June…

  2. Marie Dozier says:

    Dont ever feel guilty for feeling the way you do. The most profound scripture, I believe, and one that you can take comfort in (regarding how you feel)…
    Gen 2:18- It is not good for man to be alone.

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